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Snow day

The Last Drix box for the year had to have a wintery theme even though I don't like to make it specifically Christmas themed (In case you don't celebrate ^^ )so I decided on snow day which is based around animals having fun in the snow. I'm not quite sure why they all ended up as blob animals with no legs but that's the way I roll (I suppose, I just have to go with the creative flow really, I don't control it!). Anyway, I had a lot of fun working on these designs, even if the box items caused a few issues!!!!

Ok the pin - It had to have glitter because winter is very glittery (think of the early morning snow sparkling in the sunlight) and it had to be a penguin. Some of you might recognise the backing card as being the same as another pin I made - the winter/arctic fox. I had to order 100 cards for that pin but only had 50 pins made so I've been saving the rest (I hate throwing anything away that could have a use!) Also, very sorry this photo is blurry! I didn't realise until after I uploaded it here and by that time, I had packed all my stock away for the move so couldn't take another!

The sticker set was a bit of a nightmare lol not so much the designs but the cutting presented me with some issues when I realised about half the sets I made had bits missing from the designs! Totally my fault and it put me behind @_@ but I got there in the end! I think my favourite design is the pigs having a snow ball fight - though I can also relate to the cat tucked up in his blanket at the end of a cold winters day by the fire ^^

The dinosaur building a snow man is the vinyl sticker this month and if you haven't peeled him yet, he is actually clear! I thought the clear edge looked a bit like ice so decided to make my first clear vinyl part of this box ^^ There is a slight transparency to the sticker so its probably best stuck on light coloured surfaces though I stuck one to a black badge cutter and it still looks ok!

And the mystery item.....the bane of my month. I had wanted to make this design as a hanging decoration in wood and the same company that made my acrylic bat designs also did wooden decorations (think decoupaged paper onto laser cut wood). I messaged them about it a while ago, way way before the box was due and they confirmed they could have the decorations to me well within time - and they also owed me missing bats from my previous order so it could all be sent together. Anyway, I emailed them 5 times over the course of the next 3 weeks and had no replies so this left me with no mystery item. Panicked, I wracked my brain trying to think of something that could be made in the UK and reach me on time for the 1st when the box launched. I mainly make stickers and stationery so a decorative felt paper clip seemed like a good idea. As I only was able to give the business that made them for me about a weeks notice, they were a little late (which is why the box didn't go out as quick as usual) but they worked so hard and I think the clips came out so nice, I am in their debt! I might get some more designs made of these as well!

Anyway, we are at the end of the year now and Drix box has been running for about 6 months I think in this format. Thank you all for your support - its been a big learning experience for me. Due to various issues, I won't be making a Drix box in January and next year, the box will run from Feb - October. I have also consulted my finances, which is not my strong point at all and have had to make a decision regarding the postage on the box. From Feb, I will have to charge shipping as an extra cost on the box. Unfortunately, Drix box doesn't earn me any money and most boxes have been a loss. I wanted a nice round figure for the box price and for it to also be affordable but its unsustainable at this price. Also, since the shipping was included and I budgeted for £1 (for the UK shipping) sometimes people would order a few things at once (which I am eternally grateful for!) but it pushed the actual postage cost to higher than £1.

Anyway, maybe I am being too honest about prices and stuff but I want you to be able to understand my reasoning. I am a small business with very small margins. I like my items to be affordable so everyone can enjoy them but this philosophy is making it hard to run my business so I will have to make some changes. I really want to keep the box price at £10 but I will have to look into that in the new year (unfortunately, Brexit means prices for everything is going to go up). It might be £11 plus £1.10 postage (to the UK) but I will know more when I talk to my suppliers in the new year.

Also, a few people have asked about subscribing to Drix box. I'm reluctant to change the format of the box for those who like to buy the boxes as and when they can afford them (and when the theme appeals) but I will be adding a subscription service to the website from Feb! I will also keep the box on the checkout as well so if you don't want to subscribe, there will be the option to buy it as normal ^^

Well, thank you again everyone. I hope you have an amazing yule time, even though its probably going to be quite different this year, and a wonderful new year. See you all on the other side!

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