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The Rainbow Hive

Updated: Dec 9, 2020

First of all, sorry for being a little late with this blog post! I've been struggling a little bit with mood recently, which is ironic really considering this theme was supposed to be combatting the general depression most of us are feeling at the moment due to the global situation!

I wanted to do a rainbow theme to bring a bit of colour and joy into people's lives - nothing makes me happier than looking at a rainbow, especially if its brightly coloured. But what to combine with a rainbow? Well, I also really like Bees! But why rainbow bees? I had this idea that a rainbow shone down onto a bee hive, a magical rainbow of course, which turned the bees rainbow coloured. It also gave them a fluffy collar around their necks to keep them warm in winter so they could buzz all year around! I realise that's probably quite impractical for the bees themselves lol but I hate the thought of he bees life cycle ending in winter.

Anyway, on to the box!

The sticker had to be rainbow holo vinyl of course to match the theme and I choose the Queen bee for the big sticker because....well, she is the Queen, she deserves an item to herself! She also has an extra colour in her rainbow compared to the other bees ^^ This is waterproof and scratch proof so fine to use outside!

The pin.....well, the pin. The pin gave me a headache lol I was getting quite close to the release date of the box when I got a message from my manufacturer saying some of the pins needed to be remade because the printing was bad. This was referring to the blush/eye marks which are admittedly very small and fiddly. The pins did arrive on time but I've found that quite a few had a little bit of printing missing in one eye so I do apologise for that! Also the second stripe on the bee is supposed to be orange but all of them came out with two stripes of red. Since these pins arrived only a few days before I made the boxes up, there wasn't time for me to ask about replacements. So I'm really sorry the bee isn't quite a rainbow and that maybe some have dots missing in the eyes T_T Saying that, I do think it came out ok still and looks quite nice on the backing card!

The sticker pack has all the bee designs and I think my favourite is probably the actual bee rainbow. I also do kinda like the guy carrying his honey bucket as well lol

The mystery item, which is limited to this box and probably wont be for sale anywhere else is a heart shaped magnet! I made these myself using my badge press and thought the message was worth remembering. I've seen a lot of people be horrible to each other online and in person recently - tensions are high after all - but its often much easier to just bee kind.

To be honest, I did struggle with this box a little bit and have done generally with my art things and creations in the past month or so. I think its a combination of coronavirus stress and general ill health. Hopefully things will pick up soon for everyone. Thank you so much if you brought a box, I do really appreciate it :)

Drix box will be back on Dec 1st with the theme - Snow day!

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