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Drix productions began life as a handmade jewellery business, selling at anime conventions around the UK. However, I have always had a passion for art so gradually moved my products from jewellery to stationery. I've always loved tattoo art (and was a tattooist for a number of years) as well as "kawaii" or cute style art so decided to try my hand at these styles for a business! 

I use a manufacturing company for my notepads, enamel pins and washi tape but everything else is hand made by me :) I have a variety of equipment that allows me to do this and I am also able to make items for other artists to sell in their stores - no minimum order, no design limit! 

About me

My real name is Kate though people often refer to me as "Drix" online. I currently live in Devon with my husband, a scottish terrier called Angus Mcfife and a tortoise called Crunchy. I enjoy reading sci-fi and fantasy books (Fav authors being Peter F .Hamilton, Katherine Kerr etc) and listening to power/viking metal. Some of my favourite bands are Powerwolf, Gloryhammer, Tyr, Amon Amarth and Blind Guardian, amongst others! I have an interest in the occult, viking/pagan mythology and the supernatural. Some of my fav films are Jaws, Jurassic park, Star wars, Cloud atlas, Aliens/predator, Tremors, Cabin in the woods and many others. 

Why the name?

I often get asked about my business name. The "Drix" bit comes from a character that I was writing about many years ago called Nathaldrix. It was a fantasy book and though I had grand plans, so far, its gone nowhere. But the character is very special to me so I decided to name my business after him to keep him alive in some form! I do often draw pictures of him and his counterpart, Nathaldron though they are uploaded to a different place (the artwork is more mature than my usual kawaii style!) I do have a comic based on these two characters which is yaoi and for 18+ readers only. It, along with my other more adult artwork, can be found at this Facebook page -

Do you wholesale?

Yes! If you are after selling my items in your shop or want to include them in a subscription box, just drop me a message or email: dragontattooist (AT)

How much is shipping?

Shipping depends on your country but is usually around £1-3 for the UK, £2-4 for the EU and £4-9 for the USA (depending on the weight of your order).




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