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Custom badge making

Drix productions offers a custom badge making service perfect for promotional and product needs! I've been making custom badges for the anime convention scene for around 8 or 9 years now and pride myself on a high quality product. Each badge is hand pressed by myself, inspected and sent out to you with the love and care only a small business can provide. 


I am able to offer a range of shapes and sizes as well as various holographic finishes for extra sparkle:

- heart shaped

- star shaped

- rectangle shaped

- cat shaped

- round (58mm or 38mm diameter)


Prices are quoted to order but generally are as follows -


Shaped (heart, cat, star, rectangle)

80p per badge 

£1.00 per badge with holographic finish


Round 38mm

35p per badge 

45p per badge with holographic finish

Round 58mm 

50p per badge

60p per badge with holographic finish

Discounts are available for orders over 100 pieces.  

Postage starts from £2.50 for 20 badges and for your guidance, around 300 badges can be posted for £7 with tracked postage to the UK.

 I also provide all templates and instructions for each size of badge :) if you are interested, please drop me a message - dragontattooist (AT) and I will reply asap 


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