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Ghostly goings on at Drix productions

Updated: Nov 10, 2020

Greetings all! Welcome to another Drix box blog post and the theme this month was "Ghostly goings on!" If you've been with me for a while now, you know that Halloween/Samhain is a bit of a special time for me. I'm always invigorated by the turning of the season into Autumn and the added spookyness means this is my favourite time of year (except for Yule!). I usually do a "special" box for Halloween time even before I started Drix box - I've collaborated with my sister on past boxes and I guess this is where the idea for Drix box started. I used to just do a random mystery box of Halloween goodies once a year and then this turned into the monthly idea I'm doing at the moment.

So, lets get on with the box shall we? I got some themed confetti to scatter in the boxes, hopefully it didn't annoy you too much - the stuff got all over my work room (and house actually) and the spider shapes lying on the floor were very convincing at a glance XD;

The pin for this box is my most complex pin design so far! I know its not that complicated by other pin creators standards ^^; but it is for me - I've never made something with so many lines and different colours. Its bigger than usual as well at 40mm and has two posts. Glitter is always a bit of a weird one with pins since it comes out differently to how the sample swatches look (all enamel colours are mixed by hand and the glitter is applied by hand as well so its never 100% accurate to samples/photos) but I think this worked pretty well! I really wanted to get as many Halloween themes in as possible so we have pumpkins, autumn leaves, a bat, stars, candy corns and a skull surrounding the kawaii ghostie in the middle. He has screen printed blush marks and details on the eyes. Defiantly the most complex pin I've made so far and probably my favourite - I hope you like him as well!

It was actually quite weird to come up with new designs featuring ghosts....they might seem a little bit of a mishmash of designs because.....they are lol It was part Halloween ghosts and part ghosts just doing ghostly things like watering bottle gardens and wearing flower crowns. I used some very cute packaging as well which you may recognise from last years sticker set. I had a lot left over which I had been saving! I know in this green age of recycling, packaging in plastic is not seen as a great thing to be doing and I agree - but if a box gets wet, the stickers would be ruined. Supposedly these cello bags and the ones I use on Etsy/website should compost down so their impact on the environment is lessened.

For the vinyl sticker I decided to go with the little pumpkin ghost because he is my fav! I also went with a normal vinyl sticker (still waterproof and all that) as the holographic vinyl's are more expensive and a good chunk of the budget of this box went on the pin (more colours/lines = more £££)

Now the mystery item.....I think some ghosts might have been inside my brain messing things up or something because I ended up ordering two items XD;; Originally there was going to be just the washi tape which I designed using last years ghosts designs (I felt like they needed a chance at another item, bless them). This is a 2cm wide tape so bigger than usual as well ^^

And the second mystery item, if you chose it, was a double sided acrylic key chain featuring the bottle ghost! Can you imagine the look on my face when I realised I made two items XD; I did get the idea of the bottle ghost from Rick and Morty - ghost in a jar is a character in one episode and I thought, why might a ghost be in a jar? Maybe to water some plants in a bottle garden? I like to think this ghost is doing his bit for forgotten house plants ^^; This is also my first time making a double sided charm and the print is on the inside of the acrylic so it wont get scratched.

Well, I had a lot of fun making this box and really enjoyed all the design making. Thank you so so much if you brought a box, I really hope you liked it if you did! I'm sad this box is over actually, I really like making cute spooky designs and there is only really one time of year you can get in the proper mood....I guess thats next years October theme settled lol another spooky/Halloween type theme!

Speaking of themes, since we are in troubling times I feel like we need an injection of happiness and colour so the next theme is.....The Rainbow Hive!!!!

Thanks so much guys and keep your eyes peeled for the next Drix box coming on November 1st!

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