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Back in the mists of time when I was at school, I was pretty much obsessed with virtual pets. I had four (two dinosaurs, a popular branded one and an alien) and when they were banned at school, I used to make my mum take care of them during the day. It used to really stress her out making sure they didn't all die while I was away XD; Even now, all these years later, I still find myself missing those little beeps for attention and clearing the screen of poop with the touch of a button. So I made some virtual pet stickers in their honour! This is a set of three stickers which includes a shark, alien and a generic blob virtual pet. I've added my holographic effect to them so they are ready to sparkle up your laptop, planners, notebooks, bullet journals and anywhere else that needs a little virtual pet nostalgia! 

Stickers are approx 2.8 inches high

Stickers are for use indoors only and are water resistant, not waterproof. Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. Stickers are handmade so please allow for tiny variations between sets ^^

Virtual pet holographic sticker set

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