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A spooky set of three skeleton unicorns or "skelecorns" as I think of them, made from my original artwork and turned into a set of super sparkly stickers! Not just for Halloween, these stickers are perfect for decorating notebooks, planners, sketchbooks, bullet journals and laptops! These stickers shine with a beautiful rainbow depending on how the light is shining thanks to the holographic effect. 


You get one of each coloured unicorn in each set - Green mane, orange mane and purple bones/pink mane. Each sticker is approx 2.5 inches at the highest point .


Choose from holographic or normal white glossy paper ^^


Stickers are handmade, please allow for imperfections and variations. Stickers are intended for use indoors only. Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings :) 


Skeleton unicorn holographic stickers

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