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Legend has it that Odin in his quest for knowledge, hung himself as a sacrifice from the branches of Yggdrasil for 9 days. He went without food or water and had a spear wound in his side and just before he succumbed, the secret knowledge of the runes was revealed to him. He then passed that knowledge to us, giving us the power of written language. 
 This tape is a small tribute to Odin and his sacrifice, an exclusive silver foiled tape designed by myself. The runes are a random collection to honour the symbols themselves, they don't say anything specific :) Perfect for something different for your planner, notebook, scrapbook, bullet journals and envelopes. 


I have another viking/heathen based washi tape featuring Jormungander and Thor, if you would like to buy both tapes at the same time, just choose "both tapes" from the drop down menu :) 

Please note: the runes are all SILVER foil but reflect the background light slightly. This makes them look a bit gold in some of the photos ^^


Each tape is approx 1.5cm wide and has 10m worth of tape. The tape is very slightly shiny and slightly transparent. The inner ring is made from cardboard so can be recycled :) Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings.

Celtic Jormungander and Thor washi tape

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