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"Hi! I have an invisible disability"


 I wore my sunflower lanyard for the first time today, which is a symbol of disability/illness in the UK - to let shops and services know in a subtle way that you might need some assistance - and thought I might make a badge for those that don't have a sunflower lanyard or to make it clear to shops/services that you may need assistance. I used rainbow colours so its eye catching and sure to grab attention when you need it but it doesn't go into too much detail for those who want to keep their health private ( personally, I am an over sharer so if anyone asks, they get my full medical history!! But that's not for everyone). This can of course also be pinned to your hat, coat, jumper or jacket ^^


Choose from the wording "illness" or "disability" from the drop down menu depending on your preference ^^


Badges are approx. 5.7 cm wide x 3.5 cm high. The design is intended to be slightly wonky to add a little quirkyness - also its quite impossible to get a rectangle design on a rectangle badge perfectly straight as the paper moves in the press slightly and is hand cut. So I try and roll with the wonkyness now! Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. Badges are handmade, please allow tiny imperfections. Lanyard shown in the last photos are for display purposes only and not included in the sale ^^ 

Rainbow invisible illness or disability rectangle badge

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