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Here is a set of special stickers I made for a themed mystery box a couple of years ago. The theme was "rainbow bones" so I designed these animals with a rainbow skeleton which also have white patterns on them! Though they are inspired in part by the dead of the dead designs, they are not quite the same. 

This sticker set has 6 different stickers - an owl, cat, dog, fish, lizard and rat :) They were hand drawn by me originally and I make these stickers myself, to order. Stickers are approx. 6 - 7cm in height/width depending on the design. As the stickers are handmade and printed onto glossy paper, they are not water proof (but are water resistant, a few drops of water will be fine!)

Great for planners, notebooks, happy mail etc. If you need a different size or a want the stickers printing on different paper, just let me know and I can sort it out for you :)

Rainbow bones sticker set

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