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Super cute pastel goth themed stickers based around skulls, coffins and skeletons! These holographic stickers have been made from my original drawings and turned into a cute sticker set for your planner, bullet journal, notebooks and laptops. Perfect for halloween or anyone who loves something a little different, these pastel coffins make cute little gifts and are perfect to share with friends! 

There are 9 stickers in this set:


3 x stickers approx 2 inches high (one full skeleton coffin, one skull and crossbones coffin and one skull coffin)
6 x stickers approx 1.5 inches high (two full skeleton coffins, two skull and crossbones coffins and two skull coffins)


Stickers are intended for use inside only. Please allow for small variations and differences between stickers as they are handmade :) Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings

Pastel coffin sticker set

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