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I've gotten to the point with my own mental health where I just want to f*uck it all. F*ck anxiety and F*ck depression. It takes a lot to keep going each day sometimes, battling through the worries and the black days but you know what, we can do it. FUCK ANXIETY. FUCK DEPRESSION. Remind yourself of this statement with these holographic stickers. I choose to draw whales since I think whales are pretty wise so they would give the best advice. I've used a pastel rainbow with the lettering inside coming from the whales blow hole and I've also given the whales little wings so they can fly through the sky. Perfect for decorating notebooks, laptops, planners or bullet journals :) I think these might also be a nice gift for anyone who is struggling with these mental illnesses. 


There are two designs, simply choose which one you like from the drop down menu! Anxiety whale is approx 5.5 inches long and depression whale is approx 4 inches at the widest point, each are covered with holographic sparkles which shine with a rainbow of colours in the light. If you would like a set (more than one) of just anxiety or depression whales, just drop me a message before buying. I can also make them in different sizes if these are too big for your needs :) 


 Colours may appear differently due to your monitor settings. Each sticker is hand cut so please allow for small variation between each :) They are intended for use indoors only and are water resistant, not water proof. 

Depression and anxiety whale stickers

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