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I felt inspired by the cottage core movement which is all about cosiness, reconnecting with nature, witchy vibes and often.....frogs and toads. But frogs and toads are brilliant so I have no problems there! Here is a little frog witch I drew myself and then turned into a set of stickers. These are brilliant for adding a bit of colour and sparkle to your notepads, books, planners etc. 

There are 3 stickers in the set, one 11.5cm wide sticker and two 6.5cm stickers. They are handmade to order so if you would like a different size or amount of stickers, just send me a message before ordering :) Since they are handmade, these stickers are not waterproof. They can stand up to a bit of water splashing but not a full soaking. Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings.

Cottage core frog witch holographic sticker set

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