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My "chronic illness warrior" design has finally been turned into a wooden eco pin! These are much more environmentally friendly than enamel pins and have a greater level of detail. 

As a disabled person, this design means a lot to me. I used a tattoo style as I used to be a tattoo artist with my own shop but my health took a bit of a turn for the worst and I had to give it up. I chose the style deliberately to reflect what I had lost - but had not given up on. Though my shop was gone, I still fight on with my artwork. Heck, as a disabled person, every day can be a fight and we are certainly warriors. Its not a point of shame for me but one of pride. Whether its mental or physical health issues -  We are strong. 


Each pin is approx. 40mm high, has a gloss finish and comes on a backing card. Please note: colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. 

Chronic illness warrior wooden pin

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