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Usually planchettes are used with a spirit board to contact the departed and not usually associated with heathenry ("Viking" religion). However, I had an idea to do this design because heathenry does place a great emphasis on connecting with ancestors and wights so it kinda made sense to make a Viking planchette! I've added Jormungander, the world eater - he's eating his own tail to represent the never ending cycle of life and death. The two wolves are Geri and Freki, Odins companions and I placed them on the design as Odin is the god of knowledge. To seek answers and help from the ancestors is a knowledge quest in its way. And the knotwork patterns represent the tangle of our lives, forever winding through the lives around us.

Each sticker is approx. 7.5cm high and made from glossy vinyl. The black hole in the middle of the sticker has been cut separately leaving the middle clear (Please see 5th photo). The stickers are water proof and scratch resistant so good for water bottles, laptops, notebooks, planners....even your car! 

Please note: colours may vary depending on your monitor settings

Viking planchette vinyl sticker, heathen pagan sticker design with knotwork

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