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Tardigrades, or water bears, are super small creatures that live in water but are tough enough to survive in outer space. They have eight limbs, a mouth and spend their lives being tiny and weird....somehow, I can relate to that (well, the tiny and weird bit, not the six limbs. Might be useful though!) This hard enamel pin was originally made for my monthly mystery box which had a "strange animals" theme and tardigrades I think, fit that theme pretty well! This is my kawaii version and he would look perfect pinned to a coat, jacket, hat, bag or as part of your pin collection ^^

Pins are approx 30mm high and are made from hard enamel. Pins have two posts for security. They come on a backing card so are perfect for gift giving!
Please note: Enamel pins are handmade so please allow for tiny imperfections. Colours may also vary depending on your monitor settings

Tardigrade enamel pin

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