A 2cm wide washi tape made with an original canine skull and flower designs drawn by me ^^ Skulls are a powerful image usually associated with death but I find them quite beautiful and a reminder to seize the day. I've mixed these dog/canine skulls with flowers for a life/death contrast. Though the skull represents death and the flowers represent life, the flowers will fade much faster than the skull, which will be left behind for years. A reminder of finality and the fleeting moments of beauty we need to treasure. Perfect for decorating planners, your book of shadows, bujos, alternative happy mail etc

Original design by Drix productions


Each tape has approx. 10m per roll and is 2cm wide. The inner roll of the tape is made from card for easy recycling ^^ 


Please note: colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. This tape is for personal use only and is not to be resold in any form without prior permission

Skull and flower washi tape, alternative planner tape, canine skull, tattoo styl