A brilliantly coloured tie dye shirt, handmade by myself with a subtle swirl design in the center. This shirt is totally unique as the dye was placed by hand and the method of tying is incredibly hard to replicate perfectly. How nice would this be to wear in the summer at the beach? Or at winter, when its cold and grey outside, you can easily add a splash of colour to your day ^^ If you are looking for a subtle LGBTQ piece of clothing, this could be perfect. Its bright and rainbow but not obviously pride related. 

The design is the same, more or less, on the front and back of the t-shirt. 

I may be able to add one of my designs to this shirt in black, please contact me BEFORE buying to check ^^ 

Size adults unisex M, 100% cotton with short sleeves. I have washed this t-shirt ready for sending but if you have allergies, I advise washing the shirt again with a brand of fabric cleaner you are used to :)

Wash bright colours separately for the first few washes as a small amount of dye may be released from the shirt. Machine wash at 30 degrees 

Rainbow swirl tie dye t shirt, subtle pride clothing, LGBTQ, bright coloured