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"No idea what I am doing"

It's true, I really have no idea what I am doing - with life, work, interacting with people, managing the house..... I created this sticker for those like minded people, who also have no idea what they are doing. Stick this on your laptop, water bottle, planner, notebook to remind yourself, its actually ok to not know exactly what you are doing. Lets face it, life is complicated and for those of us with physical/mental health issues, it can be even harder. So don't be too hard on yourself, smile like this little dinosaur and never be afraid to say you have no idea whats going on - you might find understanding and compassion :)


This is for one vinyl sticker, if you would like more than one sticker, please change the quantity at checkout.  Sticker is made from gloss vinyl, is waterproof and approx. 8cm high x 5cm wide

No idea what I am doing kawaii dinosaur sticker, cute planner sticker, mental he

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