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If you have looked in my shop before, you might have realised that I have a love for Tardigrades. These awesome microscopic creatures are tough enough to survive the vacuum of space as they go into a protective "tun" state to survive the worst conditions. They are too adorable and if you have a microscope and some moss, you might be lucky enough to see one of these amazing six legged creatures ^^

 These are my tardigrade earrings, made from my own design and printed onto clear acrylic. A pretty unique pair of earrings perfect for any lover of kawaii, microbiology or tardigrades ^^ 

Tardigrade charm is approx. 4 cm high and the total length of the earring is 5.5cm including the hook

Ear hooks are made from 925 silver but if you have allergy issues, I advise switching out the hooks for a pair you know you are safe with. I can provide just the tardigrades and the jump rings if you dont want the 925 hooks sending. 

Kawaii tardigrade earrings, cute water bear jewellery,

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