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"Hydrate - if only to spite your enemies" 

Anyone else have trouble drinking enough water during the day? I really do and I don't know why so I decided to give myself a bit of motivation. Why not hydrate just to spite my enemies? The perfect sticker for anyone who struggles with hydration - keep drinking just to annoy people! This would look great in your planner, on your water bottle or laptop - stick it anywhere you need the reminder ^^

Sticker features original artwork by me of a cute leaping humpback whale, blowing water from his blow hole (not really scientifically accurate, sorry) with the word "HYDRATE" above and "if only to spire your enemies" in brackets below. 

Sticker size is approx. 7.5cm high x 7cm wide, made from glossy, water proof vinyl. Please note colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. 

Hydrate to spite your enemies whale sticker, kawaii planner, water bottle

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