Do you need something to carry your favorite pens in? Something holographic with a witchy theme? If so, look no more! I have created a pen sleeve that fits 3-5 pens in (depending on size),which is decorated with my luna moth design. Ive also added moons and stars for extra witchy vibes! You don't have to store pens in these though, they could also be used for stickers, die cuts, crochet hooks, receipts, photos....
I advise not hooking pens over the lip as this may scratch the holo effect but pens can be hooked to the back where there is no holo pattern ^^ 

 Approx 8.5cm x 12.8 cm. Made from pvc with holographic print. Please note the prints may have very small "threads" of the holographic effect on the sleeve which is not part of the pattern. This is due to the manufacturing process but is not overly noticeable ^^ 

Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. 

Holographic luna moth pen sleeve