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"Hi! I am Autistic"


"Hi! I have ADHD"


I've found these types of badges can be really helpful when out and about - they just make people and staff members in shops/cinemas/restaurants etc aware that you might encounter issues while you are there. This way, you can show people the badge if you don't feel like talking or are unable to talk ^^ Autism awareness and acceptance is so important to me and the more its talked about, the more people can understand how the everyday issues of shopping, eating out etc can be hard for neurodiverse people. Wear this on your coat, hat, jacket or lanyard ^^


Choose from, Hi! I am Autistic, Hi! I have ADHD or both badges from the drop down menu ^^ If you would like a custom badge making, please drop me a message and I can sort it out for you!

Badges are handmade so please allow a little variation and imperfections between each piece. Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. Badges are approx. 40mm x 60mm 

HiI am autistic/have ADHD rectangle badge

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