A set of four stickers based on symbols from Norse mythology - Mjolnir (Thor's hammer) and Fenrir/Fenris wolf. I drew these designs by hand myself (including the Mjolnir which I didn't use a grid or reference for), made a galaxy pattern on photoshop and merged the designs. I love galaxy patterns and have always associated Norse mythology with space so these stickers reflect my feelings. 

These stickers are covered in my special star sparkle pattern so they shine with holographic rainbows in the light! Brilliant for adding colour to your laptops, notebooks, planners, bullet journals and scrapbooks. These stickers are also great for anyone looking for alternative/gothic/pagan planner stickers.

Each mjolnir sticker is approx 2.5 inches high and each Fenrir is 2.4 inches high.

Galaxy Viking sticker set