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"Whats the on the horizon Captain? Gender pay gaps? Inequalities in health care? Boys arent allowed to cry?? Time to weigh anchor, feminist rant ahoy!!"

I made this sticker because I often tend to go on a feminist rant. Now, feminism isnt about hating men, its about equality for all. Why shouldn't boys wear make up or skirts? Why do women continually get treated like second class citizens when they voice their pain to medical professionals? There are many, many more issues all deserving of attention and discussion that fall into feminism - and the more we talk about these issues, the more awareness we spread. So what say you? Join my crew, where we will sail the patriarchal seas of inequality, fighting injustice for all genders, races and religions! 


This sticker is made from vinyl so is waterproof and scratch resistant! Its approx. 9cm high x 7cm (at the widest point) and comes kiss cut on a die cut shape. Perfect for notebooks, planners, water bottles, gadgets and laptops! 

Feminist rant vinyl sticker

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