An out of this world UFO decal made from silver vinyl which shines like a rainbow in the light! I designed this little guy myself as part of my UFO collection - his mission is to brighten up your planner, notebook, car or laptop -wherever you decide to stick him! 

UFO is approx 3.5 x 3 inches but can be made bigger if you like - just drop me message before you purchase ^^

Please also allow for variations in colour depending on your monitor settings =) Each vinyl is made by myself, please allow for tiny imperfections and slight differences between each piece. This vinyl can be used outside for up to one year. Instructions included with each vinyl but I will put them here as well:

Vinyl comes attached to a backing sheet with a clear carrier sheet over the top. Peel the carrier sheet from the backing, taking the vinyl design with it. If any bits get left behind, re-stick the carrier sheet and press down firmly on the design. When all the vinyl is on the carrier sheet, simply place the sheet and decal where you want to stick it (making sure the surface is clean and free from dust), peel away the carrier sheet and hey presto! The decal is left in place. 

Cute UFO holographic vinyl