Who needs more glitter in their lives? Who needs more birds? If these answer to both of those questions is yes, I have just the thing for you! Cute hand drawn bird stickers finished off with a bit of glitter! I've chosen my favourite pet birds for this set including:

Blue/white budgie
yellow/green budgie
Grey cockatiel 
White cocatiel
Love bird
Zebra finch

The glitter is silver and is quite subtle until the sunlight hits it - then it gets so sparkly! Perfect for adding a bit of a sparkle to planners, bullet journals, note books and laptops. Each sticker is approx 2 inches high and there are seven in the set - one of each bird. 


Please note: Stickers are intended for use indoors only and are handmade, please allow for tiny variations between each set. Colours may vary depending on your monitor settings. 

Cute glitter bird sticker set