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A beautiful sun catcher sticker for your window, designed and hand made by me from my original crystal cluster artwork. A perfect addition to any crystal witches work room, reading nook, bathroom - basically just anywhere! These create beautiful rainbows when the sun shines through them (see how it looks on my bird of paradise plant in the last photo) that scatter all around the room (depending on the position of the sun/brightness). Even when the sun isn't shining or at night with the electric lights on, this sticker reflects really nicely. I love adding these witchy designs to my windows, they give a real element of magic and enchantment. The photos do not do this justice, the rainbows are so eye catching and sparkly in real life!


The crystal cluster is approx. 5.5 inches wide x 5.5 inches high (14.3 x 14.3cm). These are very easy to apply and come with instructions - simply clean your window (these are for inside use), then dampen the surface of the glass where you want to place the sticker, peel the sticker from its backing sheet and pop it onto the damp glass. Done! These are really easy to remove as well, just peel off and re-stick in a new position

Crystal cluster sun catcher/window sticker

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