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"Cluck around and find out"

I'm sure you can imagine the mood I was in when I designed this sticker! A slightly aggressive stance from a cute brown chicken I suppose but they can be quite mad from time to time (anyone who has kept chickens will know what I am talking about!) Anyway, of course this sticker is just for a bit of fun ^^ and would look great on your planner, water bottle, notebook, laptop - or even your car! I also make no apologies for the pun!!!! 

Sticker features original artwork by me - A cute brown chicken with a small knife in his beak. The words "Cluck around and find out" are written at the bottom in bubble letters.

Approx. 9cm high x 5.5cm wide and made from glossy, water proof vinyl. Please note: colours may vary depending on your monitor settings

Cluck around and find out vinyl sticker, funny chicken sticker, kawaii bird

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