A set of three holographic stickers made from my "Chronic Illness Warrior design"! I made these to help raise awareness of chronic, invisible and disabling illnesses. Anyone who suffers from a chronic physical or mental illness is a warrior - every day is a struggle and a fight just to get the "normal" things done. Life can be a huge battle and sometimes exhausting. I think we should be proud of the things we achieve even though our illnesses get in the way sometimes and in my mind, this makes us warriors. 
These stickers are perfect for laptops, notebooks, planners and bullet journals! The holographic star pattern shines with a rainbow in the light and looks very eye catching - perfect for getting the message across :) 

There are three stickers in each set, approx 3.4 inches high. Colours may appear differently due to your monitor settings. Each sticker is hand cut so please allow for small variation between each :) They are intended for use indoors only and are water resistant, not water proof. 

Chronic illness warrior sticker set