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I designed this pin to help raise funds for the charity "Arc" who offer free grief, loss and bereavement therapy to people who need it. Arc are funded totally by donations and are reaching a crisis point where they desperately need funds. I have been seeing a therapist at Arc since August 2018 when I lost my beautiful dog, Kane. He was a husky collie X and we spent 14 wonderful years with him. He was everything to me, my whole world and when he passed, I had a hard time accepting the loss. I felt numb, incredibly depressed and found a lot of my memories of Kane and my feelings for him seemed to have vanished. My GP referred me to Arc and within a week, I had an appointment and was able to gain some understanding of my new feelings. The process has been hard and while I am still working through things, I don't know where I would be without the people at Arc. I had felt so alone and scared but I now have the support I need. Other people also need this support so I wanted to do something which would hopefully provide a continual donation. I chose to make a cute version of Kane because he is my connection to the charity but I also wanted to immortalise him in some way. Now I can carry with him with me forever in person, not just in my heart. 

100% of the profits from this pin will go directly to Arc via their just giving page. If you would like to keep up to date with the donations, I will be posting screen shots on my Facebook page so you can see when they are paid :) I will not pass any information of yours onto Arc. I have already donated £160 to the charity -  Thank you all so so much xx 

Pins are approx 30mm wide, made of hard enamel and come on a backing card. 

Charity Husky enamel pin

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