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Yo ho with Capt Toebeans!

Updated: Sep 10, 2020

Hello all! Augusts Drix box saw us take to the high seas, back to the 1600's when pirates were the scourge of the ocean. But our pirates are kinda cute and probably were not that evil....though they are on an important quest - the quest for the golden kibble!

As you can see from the enamel pin, the treasure map is quite clear - land, trudge through the swamp of despair, cross the river above skull lake, around moon rock, through the jungle and there you shall find your reward! The swamp of despair is actually based on a real place- We went to Scotland last year for a holiday, on the isle of Mull and visited the area around Glengorm castle. It was so beautiful but also incredibly hot. We got kind of....lost in the middle of nowhere and ended up getting stuck in the middle of some swamp kind of ground (it came over your shoes and there were frogs everywhere!) Since it was so hot, I was carrying Angus so he didn't get imagine us, lost, up to our ankles in swamp water and me carrying an 11kg Scottish terrier. We named it the swamp of despair as at times it felt like we might never get out XD;

Anyway, the pin had to be Toebeans himself and I couldn't resist adding a little glitter to the design. I might try and work more special effects into my pins from now on so watch this space! Since he is a little bigger than usual, he has two posts on the back to help stabilise him as well ^^

The mystery item for this box was a vinyl decal which was either black or blue. This is the pirate crews jolly roger and I wanted to do something that would give you an opportunity to fly the flag as well! There are actually two versions of this design, one with an extra line (as seen here) in the ear. The line was too small to cut well and loads went wrong so I ended up changing the design slightly half way through the batch.

The sticker pack - here is your introduction to the pirate crew! Of course, we have Captain Toebeans along with his pet parrot. Toebeans has been a pirate as long as he can remember, working as first mate before taking over from his fallen captain. He sails for treasure but also for vengeance, hunting those that killed his last captain.

Next up is the first mate, Peg leg pup! Hes a fighter and known all over the seven seas for his skills with a sword. Rumour has it that he was a disgraced guard for the king of England, who turned his skills to crime.

Plundering Pete the parrot is a handy member of the pirate crew. Not only does he live in the crows nest and can fly ahead to scout for danger, hes excellent at snatching jewels and coins right from under the noses of their owners.

Terrible Terrence tortoise seems an unlikely pirate but he has his own reasons for joining the crew - though he remains silent most of the time. His knowledge and steady reasoning has saved the crew from traps more than once.

'Orrible Oliver the octopus uses his many tentacles to sneak aboard enemy boats, silently crawling up the sides with his suckers. He can also crawl into tiny gaps to wait in ambush on land or on the sea!

Caustic Clarence crab will never tell you how he lost his claw and if I were you, I wouldn't ask. He is short tempered and ready with his hook!

Finally, the special sticker. Toebeans again (I hope you don't mind the focus on Toebeans, he is the Captain after all!) but as a vinyl sticker with holographic edges. The writing is actually based on a design I saw in Florida, years and years ago. It was a pirates of the Caribbean hoodie and had something similar written on it. I have huge regrets about not buying the hoodie (I thought it was hilarious) so had to commemorate it here in this sticker.

And thats it for this Drix box. I really enjoyed working on this one and I hope you like it as well. Its a little more specific than the general themes I have done before so I was a bit worried it might not be well received. If you have a box, thank you so much, I really hope you liked it! The next box is slightly specific again......Cthulhu and his cryptid friends! Keep an eye out for it on the 1st Sept!

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