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Strange animals box

Updated: Jul 5, 2020

Hello all and welcome to the strange animals box! This theme was a bit, well, strange because it was a little vague - what is one persons strange, is another's normal. So these are animals that I think are strange.

On wards to the box!

First of all, the sticker pack and its weird and wonderful designs. I included the blob fish, sea bunny (two different poses, I couldn't decide which I liked best!), pangolin, pink fairy armadillo, tardigrade and star nosed mole. Had you heard of all these animals before? Did I fail in my quest to choose the weirdest and most unheard of animals? I expect I did as most of these animals are the subject of memes now! Either way, they are still strange!

These are my favourite "strange" animals, which is why I chose them and my favourite of all is probably the tardigrade. Tardigrade are also known as water bears or moss piglets and are little (almost) microscopic beings who are practically indestructible - they can even survive in space. They live in lakes and water, usually at the bottom and suck juice from algae for food. How weird are they? Quite in my opinion and I just had to make my version into the enamel pin for this box!

This pin was a little awkward actually. I'm not sure if you know anything about pin making or submitting any kind of design to be made into a product. I do stickers and badges for other artists and will always tell the customer when a design might not work or point out ways it could work better. Now, enamel pins are made with pantone colours which are a little different to work with. Anyway, my point is that even though my mock up for the pin had two very different shades of pink (for the skin and blush), the manufacturer used a skin tone pink which is almost the same as the blush marks (because pantones dont match the RGB colour I use). They did not make this clear to me at all when I submitted the artwork or when they vectored it ^^; So I apologise if you can't see his little blush very well!

I guess "Live Tiny, Be Weird" is my motto now - I am tiny and very weird so it fits! Its also a statement about being considered "strange". Being autistic, I do see the world a different way to most others and I know a lot of people consider me strange. I embrace that, even though its hard to do so sometimes. Weirdness is what makes the world more interesting!

Now, lets look at the item that slightly delayed the box (though thankfully not as much as I thought it would) - the star nosed mole holographic sticker! This little guy is a different type of holo sticker to the ones I make and he is also waterproof so he can be stuck outside! I tried to give one of these stickers to my husband but he refused - he says star nosed moles freak him out!! I am sorry if you also feel a bit freaked out by this odd mole but he is totally friendly - he's even giving you a little wave ^^

Ok the blob fish. He had to feature somewhere, somehow and his shape fits the rectangle badges quite well. Look at that face....he looks so sad but honestly, I think he is ok :) This is a box exclusive item so he won't be sold anywhere else ^^

Anywho, I really hope you enjoyed the strange animals box! Next month (July 1st) sees a "marshmallow animals" theme!!!! Wooooooooo!

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