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Drix Box blogging

This is a blog just for Drix box - my monthly mystery enamel pin box! Drix box is available to buy on the 1st of each month (depending on suppliers what with the current CV19 crisis) for a couple of days from the website. Each month has a theme and will always contain 4 items - an enamel pin, sticker pack, "special" sticker and a fourth item which I will change month to month. Instead of putting a piece of paper in each box describing the contents, I decided to make a blog - it saves paper and I can add a bit more detail about the items, designs and any stories behind them ^^

So first of all, I've changed the style of Drix box since it first started. I used to do a collection of random items each month but it got a bit complicated thinking of new things each month. What if people didn't like key rings or coasters? Would everyone want/use a coin purse? By keeping it to more or less the same type of usable or collectable items, I hope it appeals more now ^^ The fourth item will change every month but will generally cycle through the following - washi tape, badge, magnet, post card, vinyl decal, round key ring and similar. If you have any suggestions for the fourth item though, I'd love to hear!

Coming up with a new pin design for every month has taken a lot of planning for someone like me. Thinking up a new theme each month was hard enough! But as pins take so long to produce, I have to order them way in advance of needing them - about 2 months worth to be safe. I do worry (I'm very honest lol) that it will become a strain or that the factory might be delayed, shipping might not arrive on time etc so sometimes there may not be a box or it might be a little late. I hope that never happens but I am a realist! The best place to keep up to date with Drix box is to check out the Facebook group, I post a lot of updates about new products and stuff there -

Speaking of factories and being delayed, its already happened. The pins for the May and June boxes were ordered at the end of January, right before the CV19 shut down so they were really delayed. The world is still quite unstable as I write this so it could happen again, though I keep my fingers crossed every day that all this will clear up soon - more for peoples health than for my business.

Anyway, thats a little bit of random info for you there for the first blog post, I will do the next one when the box has been released on May 1st. The theme is "British woodland" - which I specifically added British to so over seas people won't be expecting their native wildlife in the box - I'd hate to disappoint people if they thought thats what they were getting!

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Aneira Clark
Aneira Clark
May 09, 2020

Received the woodland theme drix box today. Woodland creatures tend to be my favourite animals. I particularly love the badger sticker and pin. Really adorable.

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